A whole new community for women is here. The Potluck is an exclusive community designed for professional women who are always looking for the next chapter of their growth. We are not only here to support each other’s work professional life, but also share important things in one another’s lives.


We are distributed in San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo.

Tech, Design and Retail

We are expertise in tech, design and retail, and familiar with consumer trend.

Sisterhood and community

We support each other to share and heal like a sister.




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@Rie Ehara と @Nagisa Ichikawa がアメリカ・サンフランシスコやニューヨーク、時々東京の気になるプロダクトや企業、ブランドについて異なる角度から読み解いていきます。毎週月曜日配信予定です。

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